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See beyond the moment, think beyond the day
Hear the word my voice will not be cast away
Fatalistic fortune ever near the end
Love goes on but time does not return again

A star was shining brightly as you walked around your lake that you protected. You watched as fish swam around, proud of being this lake's guardian. You turned around and jumped. Standing there was a blonde haired man with stunning green-eyes. He was wearing a long trenchcoat, and he was staring at your wings. You could tell he was a mortal. You backed away as he walked over.

"Hello there, love. You're very unusual aren't you?"

"Leave! As the protector of this lake, I can not allow you to be here!"

"So, you must be a lake fairy," he said, stopping in front of you. "You've got very lovely (e/c) eyes."

You blushed, never receiving a compliment before. You pushed him away and said, "I'll ask you one more time to leave!"

"And if I don't?" he asked and you gritted your teeth. For some reason you felt attracted to him, a new feeling you never had before.

"What's your name, love? My name is Arthur," he said.  You stared at him before answering.


After a while you both began to talk. By the time midnight rolled around, he went home. You flew home as well, already knowing you had fallen in love with this man.

Across the sky, I will come for you
If you ask me to
Demystify your uncommon dreams
Stranger things have come true

He visited you every night, and you fell deeper and deeper in love with him. He was so charming, a true gentleman. You believed he would never dare hurt you. You flew to your tree where you kept hidden treasures you found. You grabbed a knife and smiled. You knew that if you cut your wings off, you ended the life as a fairy and lived as a mortal.

"With this we can be together," you sighed happily. You flew off to the lake where he was waiting. You landed beside him and he took you into his arms and kissed you gently. You kissed back and he led you away from the lake you loved so much. He took you to his house, which was nothing more than a cabin on the edge of town. Before you had the chance to lift your knife and cut your wings off, he hugged you close to him.

"My dear ____, don't be alarmed, but all the gentle kindness I have shown, is at it's end. It's time you know my favorite game, to murder, maim, and tear the wings off winged things, my hand I humbly lend."

Fear no more the midnight, fear no more the sea
Close your eyes, regret nothing
You're safe with me
Look into the shadows, step into the mist
Search your land but doubt never
I still exist

Before you could ask what he meant, he opened up a case and the blood drained from you face. He smiled and proudly rearranged his conquests, large and small. Beetles, bees, and gnats, and even ants in tiny jars, their wings detached. You covered you mouth in horror, knowing you had been tricked.

"And yours," he said, "will be the crowning glory of my wall."

He grabbed you by your (h/c) hair and tore the wings right from your back. You gasped loudly from the pain, your silver blood running red. In that one second, you could feel the pain of hundreds, thousands, millions, screaming all inside your head.

After what could be a minute or an hour, you were silent. You had your eyes closed so tightly that it could have been a dream. When you finally opened your eyes, you were all alone. Your eyes looked about and there, crushed in the corner, were your broken wings. You heard a scream...

Ask yourself, is this all there is
Take no answer but the one you find
I have put my faith in aberrations of your kind
But even if you're in my mind

You realized you were the one screaming, tears streaming down your cheeks. You clutched your head and kept screaming. What a fool you were! You let that mortal trick you! You had no idea how long you had screamed, but some men had found you and took you away from the house.

"Let me go! I have to find him! I have to make him pay for what he did to me!" you screamed, struggling against them. They took you to a cold dark house in a cold dark street in a cold dark town, and they locked you behind the bars. You clutched the bars desperately.

"Let me out! I have to find him!" You cried, but they ignored you. You watched sadly as they rode away.

Should we hear the silence
Should we hear the noise
I don't need this blind acceptance
I have made my choice
Light lives in the darkness
Beauty lives in pain
In destruction we may lose ourselves
But still I will remain

You sank to your knees and cried.

"That damn mortal! He will pay for this one day! I swear it!"

You cried all night, a poor child that mortality was cruelly introduced. How free you were, how happy you were at your little lake before you were abused by a crafty mortal. You sat in your cell, looking out the bars at the moon.

"I swear to him... I will get out and find him..."
This is a bit depressing, I'm sorry about that. But I wanted to write this for about 3 weeks now.

Does this need a warning?

England belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya
You belong to you
Across The Sky Belongs to Emilie Autumn

Here's the song if your interested in listening to it…
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I LOVES IT. ...I wish there were more...
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