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November 21, 2012
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Italy was walking home. He had went to Germany's house, but he wasn't there. He asked Prussia where he was, but he didn't know. It was probably something important, so Italy thought nothing of it. When he walked into his house, he noticed the lights were off.

"Ah... Why are all the lights off? I guess Romano left," Italy said, as he walked to his bedroom. They usually left at least the hall light on, since even during the day the hallway was dark, but it was turned off as well. Italy noticed his bedroom light was on.

"Ah... Romano?" he said, opening the door to find it empty. "Huh... I'm sure I turned my light off before I left."

Italy walked over to his bed and was suddenly pushed onto it.

"Ah!" he cried out as he was pinned down. He struggled when someone roughly kissed him, until he realized it was Germany. Relief washed over him as he kissed back.

"Surprise..." Germany said with a smirk.

"You kinda scared me," Italy said, smiling nervously.

"Thats the point..." Germany said as he reached down and rubbed Italy's member. "Just what I thought... Being taken by surprise really turns your on, huh?"


Germany undressed Italy and grabbed his arms. He raised them above his head and handcuffed them to the head board. Italy looked at him with wide eyes.

"W-What are you doing?"

"Don't you like it?" Germany asked as he slowly slid his leather-gloved hand down his chest with light touches. Italy let out a small moan at the feel of the leather rubbing agaisnt his skin. Germany moved his hand back up his chest and to his chin.

"So you like the feel of leather?"


Germany grabbed his chin and licked arcoss his lips. "I'm about to show you another side of me that I have kept hidden..."

"Another side?" Italy asked, a bit confused.

"If you haven't figured out already," Germany chuckled as he pulled away and held out the whip he had in his hands. Italy's eyes widen at that, realizing Germany was going to hit him with that.

"That's what I wanted to see," Germany grinned as he cracked the whip in the air.

"P-Please.... Don't hit me with that..."

"You don't want to be hit? Heh... Need to man up a bit Italy. Pain is part of everyday life."

"P-Please..." Italy pleaded, close to tears. Germany frowned at him.

"If it gets to painful shout out the word red okay?"


"Good boy," he said, smiling rather creepily. Italy just stared at him with fear in his eyes. Germany slams the whip down onto his chest.

"Aah!" Italy cried out and Germany groaned.

"Yes... The cries... Give me satisfaction," he said, whipping him again.

"Aaaah!!!" Italy pratically screamed this time.

"How is it feeling?" Germany said as he licked at the wounds.

"It hurts," Italy said as tears spilled from his eyes. Germany looked up and rubbed the tears away.

"It will be alright..." Germany kissed him and ran his hand over the wounds gently. He kissed his neck, lightly nibbling on the sensitive parts.

"Ah... No..."

"Seems you are rather sensitive here like a girl..." Germany chuckled.

"D-Don't say that."

"What about here?" He asked as he played with Italy's nipples, making him moan loudly. He smirked and licked at one of them. Italy squirmed and moaned.

"Germany!" He cried out as Germany bit his nipple.

"Hm?" He reached into his pockets and pulled out some nipple clampers. Italy looked at them in confusion, not knowing what they were.

"These will make you feel good," Germany said as he clamped them onto his nipples.

"A-Ah..." Italy let out a shakey breath. Germany tightened them up some and kissed him. Italy kissed back. Germany began to make his way down, planting kisses along Italy's body as he did so. Italy giggled when he kissed his belly.

"That tickles!"

Germany continued his way down and he touched his member. "Already this hard?"

Italy raised his hips, not use to this feeling. Germany lightly stroked it with his fingers, watching as Italy made a face of pleasure, his amber eyes glazing over. He licked two fingers and rubbed them down his shaft and to his ass. Italy breathed in sharply as Germany rubbed his ass some, trying to relax the hole.

"T-That feels weird..."

"That means you're liking it," Germany said as he began to scissor him and Italy arched his back. Germany pulled his fingers out and took off his gloves. He rubbed Italy's legs and slid his hands up to his cheeks, hovering over him. Italy looked up at him.

"I just want to let you know Italy... Once I start, I won't hold back..." he said as he laid his forehead against Italy's.


"Ich liebe dich Italy..."

"Ti amo tibbo," he said as Germany got up and took off his clothes. He went to the side of the bed and stuck his member in Italy's face. Italy just stared at it, not understanding what Germany wanted him to do.

"Lick it," Germany commanded and Italy did as he was told. Germany's member twiched and he groaned. Italy grew a little confident at this and took it in his mouth and began to suck it. For a moment the room was filled with nothing but the sound of Italy's sucking and Germany's moans.

"O-Okay... That's good, Italy..." Germany said and Italy stopped and pulled away.

"Haa...That was a good blowjob," Germany said as he smile and moves away and hovered over him. He rubbed his shaft on his ass, getting it wet.

"Here I go..." he said, pressing the tip to his ass and slowly pushing in. He pushed in fully and Italy whimpered a bit.

"Are you alright?"


"That's good," he said as he picked up the riding crop that was on the night stand and gave Italy a good smack on the ass.


"You tightened up," Germany said with a smirk.

"Don't say things like that," Italy said as he blushed.

"But it's cute to see you embarrassed."

Germany pulled all the way out before shoving himself back in, hitting Italy's leg with the riding crop. Italy cried out as Germany thrusted in to him.

"Ah, ah... Germany!"

"Sie fühlen so gut hinein..." Germany said with a groans. He hit his ass with the riding crop once again as he gets faster. Italy moaned louder and began to move his hips as well. Germany threw the riding crop on the floor and hovered over him, unlocking the handcuffs. Italy wrapped arms around his neck. Germany held him close as he kept thrusting and Italy wrapped his legs around his waist. Germany pushes all the way in and released his desire into Italy. Italy cried out and arched his back as he came as well.

After they were done, Italy unwrapped his legs and Germany pulled out. He laid down and pulled the little Italian close to him. Italy sighed in content as he laid his head on Germany's chest. They both fell asleep.

Little did they know, Romano was downstairs and had heard everything. He munched on a tomato furiously, trying to get the mental image out of his head.

"Damn that potato bastard... Now I'm going to have nightmares," he sighed as he got up and walked into the kitchen.
Request from :iconshinanyan:

Now let me just sulk in a corner for a bit... I still hate typing these :iconitalysulkplz:

Sie fühlen so gut hinein - You feel so good inside

Germany, Italy & Romano belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student Artist
*is sitting downstairs with Romano*
So..Italy and Germany are gay?
Romano: What do you think Rice-bastard??
Oooh I like that one. One more!
Romano: Uuhh...Cake-bastard?
*leans forward* One more...*smirks*
Romano: *leans forward and smirks as well* Hmm...Toot-bastard.
DA FRUK!!!?? *tackles Romano and pulls his curl* HA!!! HOW DOES THAT FE-
*Romano picks me up and takes me into his room*
-in the morning-
Well, at least I know you aren't gay, Romano.
Romano: Shut up ragazza.
Italy: Ve~! What did you two do last night? Because Doitsu and I had alot of fun!
Germany: ITALY! Be quiet!!
Romano and I: You two weren't quiet last night. 0-0
Germany and Italy: Neither were you two.
*Everyone is blushing* WELL I'M OUTTA HERE! PEACE!! *Salutes then I jump out the window*
TsumikiTiga Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Romano!!!!
Mariann4 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  New member
*laughs at ending, pisses myself to the point that with the wetness this story gave me ruptures through my pants* well shit
Wafflepigs Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
I would sleep with my parents till I was 10 and they would have sex RIGHT THERE quietly though but the creaking of the bed and heavy breathing was enough when I stopped sleeping there and when my mom asked "Aislinn why don't you sleep in our bed anymore" I said "idk I just like my bed" but I was truly thinking "because you fuck each other in front of me" I'm scarred even if I didn't see it I heard it AND THEY WERE RIGHT THERE ITS SO SCARRING
Mariann4 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  New member
*rocks self back and forth* how many others have suffered the same?
Wafflepigs Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
i have no idea but my mom gets sad because since im grown older and i dont sleep with her anymore she always thinks i dont love her but im just like "no mom i just dont wanna hear MAKIN OUT RIGHT NEXT TO MAH EAR"
italyisadolphin Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

Poor Roma....why did you listen all the way through????
Theanimeangel Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
poor Romano, I experienced that once, when I was 5, except I walked in on it, I was scarred until I was 13
italyisadolphin Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
souleaterdrawings7 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
Omg Romano XDDDDD
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