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A month has passed. Feliciano didn't show signs of improvement. He wouldn't eat anything so he lost a lot of weight. Gilbert had suggested letting him live with Lovino, but Ludwig declined that. He wasn't going to let Feliciano go. He wanted to be there when Feliciano got better. He just hoped it would be soon.


After he and Gilbert ate, he went up to check on Feliciano. When he got to his room, he was quite surprised. Feliciano was sitting up and staring at the door. Ludwig felt his heart skip a beat. He walked over to him.

"Feliciano?" Ludwig asked as he approached him. Feliciano ears twitched, showing that he heard him.

"Feliciano? Are you okay?" Feliciano mumbled something that Ludwig couldn't hear.

"Hm? What is it Felciano?"

"I'm hungry..." Feliciano said in a hushed voice. Ludwig nodded. He helped him up and led him to the kitchen.

Gilbert was quite surprised when Ludwig walked in with the boy. Ludwig sat him down and began to make pasta for him. Gilbert was staring at Feliciano. Feliciano didn't even care.


He actually looked happy I talked to him. I expected him to slap me. They always did that when I asked for food. What made him any different. But I really needed food. My body is weak. I know I should die. Everyone would be happy if I died. But I'm not ready to die yet. I'm not ready...


Ludwig sat the plate of pasta in front of Feliciano and gave him a fork. Both he and Gilbert watched as Feliciano ate slowly. His eyes weren't completely emotionless anymore. They were full of sadness. Ludwig didn't like that look in Feliciano's eyes. It didn't suit him at all.

Once Feliciano was done eating, he sat the fork down and looked at Ludwig.

"Grazie," he said in that hushed tone again. It was as if he couldn't raise his voice. Feliciano stood up slowly and fell. Ludwig caught him before he hit the floor.

"Hey, take it easy Feliciano," he said as he helped him back up. Feliciano just gave him a slight nod.

Once Ludwig helped him back to the bedroom, Gilbert walked in. Feliciano was sleeping so Ludwig cautioned him to be quiet.

"That was odd. How did you get him to come and eat?" Gilbert asked in a whisper.

"I didn't. When I walked in earlier he was sitting up and he told me he was hungry," Ludwig whispered back. Gilbert smiled a little.

"Do you think he's beginning to trust us again?"

"I hope so."


I woke up from a nightmare. I gave a small yawn and looked toward the window. It was night time. I checked the clock. It said 2:30 a.m. I looked at Ludwig, who was sleeping beside me. I snuggled close to him. He was so warm. I purred involuntarily. I can't say I completely trust him...

But maybe I can try...
Sorry for the short chapters >.> Hopefully the next one will be longer!

Germany, Italy, Romano & Prussia belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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