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September 10, 2012
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Winter passed by slowly. Feliciano was sick on and off all winter. Ludwig was constantly worried about him, but he always got better. Soon, Spring came, along with a new kind of "sickness" that Ludwig never expected...


Ludwig was sitting on the porch, drinking coffee. Feliciano walked out and sat beside him. He was unusually quiet. Ludwig looked at him and noticed he looked uncomfortable. He was squirming and he had a weird look on his face. Ludwig closed his book and Feliciano looked at him. Ludwig felt his forehead.

"You don't feel warm. Are you feeling okay?"

"Y-Yea... I'm fine," Feliciano said, blushing a bit. Ludwig was about to say something when Gilbert walked out, followed by Francis.

"Feli! How are you?" Francis asked as he sat beside him. He noticed the look on his face and grinned. Feliciano whimpered slightly and gave Francis a nervous smile.

"C-Ciao Francis," he said. Francis just grinned more.

"Are you okay Feli?"


"Really?" Francis reached over and began to pet Feliciano's tail. Feliciano stiffened up and let out a weird noise. Gilbert started to laughed and Ludwig looked at Feliciano with a confused face. Feliciano's face turned red. He got up and ran into the house. Francis laughed.

"Anyone want to explain what just happened?" Ludwig asked as he glared at Francis. Francis looked at him and leaned back. Gilbert sat beside him.

"Ludwig, think about it. It's Spring. What happens in Spring?"

"It gets warmer and it rains," Ludwig said, sending Gilbert and Francis into another fit of laughter.

"No, Ludwig. Think about the animals. Cats to be more specific. What happens to the cats?"

"They go into-" Ludwig stopped and his eyes widened. "Are you trying to tell me that Feliciano is in heat!?"

"No, only female cats go into heat. But boy cats want to mate, especially if a female cat is nearby. Seeing as Feli and Lovi are the only nekos around, I doubt it's that. But they will still be sensitive to particular scents. Like yours, for instance," Francis said as he looked at Ludwig. Ludwig gave him a confused look.

"My scent?"

"Yes. Since Feli likes you, he'll be sensitive to your scent," Francis explained like this was the most normal topic in the world. Ludwig's eyes twitched.

"So is that why he's been acting weird since this morning?"

"Most likely. I didn't know that you had noticed," Gilbert said, looking at Ludwig with a grin.

"You should have seen Lovi! He punched Francis for touching his tail!" Gilbert laughed and Francis frowned.

"Don't laugh! That really hurt!"

Ludwig sighed and got up, heading inside. He walked into the living room, noticing Feliciano was crying. Ludwig walked over.

"H-Hey Feliciano, what's wrong?" he asked, noticing Feliciano stiffen up. He looked up at him and tried to wipe the tears away.

"It's nothing, Ludwig," Feliciano said. Ludwig tried to kneel down, but Feliciano bolted from the chair. He stood about five feet away and he looked so sad. Ludwig sighed.

"Is it because of me?" Ludwig asked and Feliciano shook his head quickly.

"N-No! It's me really... I feel weird around you... I-I'll be okay once spring is over, I promise," Feliciano said, his ears flattening against his head. Ludwig nodded.

"I understand Feliciano."

"Feli!" Francis tackled Feliciano, making him squeak. He pushed Francis away and growled.

"Don't hug me! I'm mad at you for touching my tail!" Feliciano said as he ran upstairs.

"Hahaha, you made him mad Francis!" Gilbert said, sitting down on the couch. Ludwig sighed, already wishing spring was over.


Feliciano was staring out the window. It was midnight and Ludwig was already asleep. Feliciano couldn't sleep with Ludwig so close to him, but he didn't want to sleep alone. He let out a breath and walked back to the bed. He crawled under the cover and scooted closer to Ludwig hesitantly. He laid his head on his chest. He fell asleep to the sound of Ludwig's steady heartbeat.
Okay, so how many people want a lemon?

so gonna regret asking that

Germany, Italy, France, Prussia & Romano belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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