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It began with Francis and Gilbert verbally teasing him, which Feliciano took well even if it did scare him a bit. He was also fine when Francis began to pet him. It was when Francis decided to test something that all hell broke loose.

"Hey Feli, is your tail sensitive?" Francis asked, using the nickname he gave him. Feliciano tensed up a bit.

"N-No..." Feliciano stuttered.

"Oh? Are you sure?" he asked. Feliciano didn't say anything, which only encouraged Francis. Gilbert smiled.

"Try it Francis!" Gilbert laughed.

"No. Leave him alone you two."

"Aw, come on Ludwig we're only having fun!" Francis said as he slowly reached for Feliciano's tail.

"Francis, I said no!"

Francis ignored him and pulled Feliciano's tail. The neko let out a high pitched yowl that made them cover their ears. Feliciano scratched Francis cheek and bolted away from him.

"Ow! My beautiful face!" Francis cried as he held his cheek. Gilbert just stared at Francis in surprise.

"Whoa, your cheek is bleeding!"

Feliciano was hiding behind the couch, a low growl coming from his throat. Ludwig glanced at his hand, seeing claws where his fingernails were only moments ago.

"Apparently he has retractable claws," he said. He didn't really see any need to be scared, he hadn't done anything to him after all.

Gilbert got up and began to walk over to Feliciano. Feliciano growled louder.

"Hey Feli, calm down! We're were just teasing you," Gilbert said, which only made Feliciano hiss. Gilbert reached his hand out and Feliciano swiped at it. Gilbert pulled his hand back, almost getting scratched by those sharp claws.

"Man, he's really pissed!"

None of them had seen Francis move until he had tackled Feliciano. Feliciano's tail poofed out and he began to cry. Then he let out a weird cat wail which made them cringe from how loud it was. Feliciano kept wailing as tears poured from his eyes.

"Fratello! Fratello! Help me! They're hurting me!" He cried. This made Ludwig confused. They hadn't really hurt him, it was only simple teasing. Then he remembered he was an experiment. This might've brought back some painful memories. He got up and walked to him. He kneeled down and hugged him. Feliciano hugged back, earning a gasp from Francis and Gilbert.

"Hey no fair! Why did he let you approach him?" Francis whined.

"Probably because I didn't tease him!" Feliciano kept clinging to Ludwig. Ludwig notice his claws shrink back to fingernails. It looked painful but it didn't seem to bother Feliciano. Gilbert sighed.

"Well I'm bored now! Let's go hang out with Antonio!"

"Okay!" And with that they both walked out the door. Ludwig growled in frustration. If they had just done that to begin with, Feliciano wouldn't be a crying mess.


It took an hour to calm Feliciano down. Now they both were on the couch. Feliciano was asleep, his head resting in Ludwig's lap. Ludwig was petting him soothingly. Feliciano's ears twitched as the door banged open and he opened his eyes slowly. Ludwig sighed in annoyance as Francis and Gilbert walked back in.

"Didn't you say you were going to hang out with Antonio?" Ludwig asked, still petting Feliciano.

"We were but he said he was busy."

"Yea. Apparently he got a pet cat." Francis commented. "We wanted to see it, but he didn't want us scaring it."

"I see."

Feliciano sat up slowly and looked at them. Well actually, he was glaring at them. Francis noticed this.

"Aw Feli, don't be mad! I was just teasing you," he said, earning a growl from the brown-haired neko.

"Please Feli? I'm really sorry!" Francis said, looking at Feliciano sadly. Ludwig glared at Francis, knowing he was just pretending to be sad. Feliciano stopped growling and his ears flattened.

"Okay... I forgive you. Please don't be sad Francis." Feliciano said, recieving a smile from Francis.

"Really? Oh, thank you Feli!" Francis hugged him, and Feliciano hugged back. Francis pat Feliciano's head, earning a purr from him. Ludwig kept glaring at him and Francis grinned at him.

"What is it Ludwig? Jealous?"

"Nein! Why would I be jealous!?" Feliciano pulled away from Francis and looked at Ludwig thoughtfully.

"Well he is your boyfriend-"

"He is not!" Ludwig glared at his brother, "Quit trying to say he is!"

Feliciano giggled a bit. They looked at him and Ludwig smiled. He was rather cute when he giggled.

"Well it's getting late. You better get home Francis."

"Yea. See ya Gilbert!"


After Francis left, Ludwig walked to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Feliciano followed him and sat at the table.

"What are you going to make Ludwig?"

"Wurst," he replied, noticing Feliciano scrunch his nose up. "What?"

"Don't you know how to make pasta?" he asked.

"No. Do you?"

"Sadly, no. We never cooked at the lab. We were lucky if we even got fed," he said. Even though he said it like it was no big deal, it broke Ludwig's heart a bit. How could anybody treat such a sweet boy that way? He went back to cooking, deciding to change the subject.

"What was your childhood like Feliciano?" he asked. There was a long silence. He looked at him and noticed Feliciano was staring at the table.

"What's wrong?"

"Um... Tell me about your childhood instead."

"Why?" Feliciano got quiet again.

"Feliciano... How long had you been in that lab?"

"Since I was little. When Grandpa died, they took us in to experiment on. Nobody really wanted us."

"Oh... I'm sorry."

"It's fine."


As Ludwig was getting ready for bed, he heard a knock on his bedroom door.

"Come in."

Feliciano peeked in. Ludwig sighed, already knowing what the neko wanted.

"Ludwig? May I sleep with you?"

"Ja, why not," he said, noticing Feliciano eyes brightened.

"Really?" he asked, recieving a nod from Ludwig. He ran over and tackled hug Ludwig, knocking him over on the bed.

"Grazie Ludwig!"

Ludwig sighed. As they finally got situated Ludwig turned the lamp off.

"Good night Feliciano."

"Good night Ludwig," Feliciano said as he snuggled close to Ludwig. Ludwig rubbed Feliciano's head until he finally fell asleep.
Poor Italy XD I'm still wondering if I should bring Spain in or not. Can anyone guess the real reason why he didn't want Prussia & France to see his cat? XD

Germany, Italy, Prussia, France & Spain belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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Probbly because Romano is much mre feisty than Italy. And that was sharp! I never thought Italy could ever lash out like that! 
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because spain has ramano~
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Aw, what a cute ending~ *Sighs* Wow France. :| Not cool. Nice work with this chapter as well~ ^^ :thumbsup:
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