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Feliciano was at home alone. Gilbert and Ludwig were at work, and Kiku was unable to come over. Feliciano was bored to say the least. He wandered around the house a bit, ate a snack and laid around. He went up to Ludwig's room and curled up in the blankets and took a short nap.

When he woke up he decided to go exploring. He changed his clothes and left the house. He notices all the weird stares he was getting. He stared down at his feet, feeling self conscious. He never really got use to all the stares. He heard a whistle behind him. He looked behind him to see who had whistled.


When Ludwig got home, he instantly knew something was wrong.

"Feliciano? I'm home," he called out, not receiving an answer. He checked all the rooms of the house, but found no sign of Feliciano. He went to the backyard. Feliciano wasn't there either. He heard the front door open.

"Ludwig! Feliciano! I'm home!"

Ludwig went back to the living room. Gilbert looked at him.

"What's wrong, Ludwig?" he asked when he saw the grim look on his younger brother's face.

"Feliciano is gone," Ludwig said quietly. Gilbert's eyes widened.

"Seriously? Come on, let's go look for him."

They left the house, immediately heading for Kiku's house. When they got there, they knocked on the door. Kiku opened the door, and quickly noticed something was wrong.

"What's wrong? Has something terrible happened?"

"Ja, Feliciano is missing. Will you help us look for him?"

"Hai," Kiku replied as he stepped out his house. They all split up, heading in different directions.

Ludwig headed to the spot where he first found Feliciano. It seemed untouched, so he kept walking. He decided it would be best to shout for him.

"Feliciano! Feliciano are you here?" he called out, getting no answer. Suddenly, an object caught his eyes. He walked over and picked it up, his eyes widening. It was Feliciano's collar. Ludwig felt something inside him break. Why was Feliciano's collar here? He stood up, breaking into a run.

"Feliciano! Feliciano, answer me, please!" he yelled, still getting no answer. He sighed sadly, and headed back to Kiku's house. When he got back to Kiku's house he saw both Kiku and Gilbert there. No Feliciano.

"So you didn't find him either?" Kiku asked. Ludwig held out the collar.

"That's Feli's collar!" Gilbert said, his eyes widening. Ludwig just nodded and Kiku looked away.

"That's never a good sign. Let's just hope it accidentally came off. You two better get home, it's getting late."

Ludwig and Gilbert went home. When they got there, there was still no sign of Feliciano. Ludwig didn't know what he was feeling, except that it was a very hollow feeling. Gilbert looked at him worriedly.

"Ludwig, go lay down and get some rest. If Feli isn't back tomorrow morning, I'll go to the police station." Ludwig just glared at him.

"You really think the police will care? They won't! They threw Feliciano on the street because no one wanted him! You really think they will care that he's missing!?"

"We'll never know until we try! Now go get some damn sleep!" Gilbert glared at Ludwig. "I don't care if they won't care. They are going to help us find Feliciano whether they like it or not."

Ludwig just stared at his brother, surprised by how determined he was. He sighed and looked away.

"Fine. Good night Gilbert."

"Good night Ludwig."

Ludwig went to his bedroom and changed into his pajamas. He looked at his bed, noticing the covers were a little messy. Feliciano must have taken a nap. He laid down and turned the lamp off. He pulled the covers over him, noticing they smelled like Feliciano. He felt his heart snap in half. He let the tears fall freely. He kept crying until he finally fell asleep.
Oh my Godzilla Cat I'm a wuss. I actually know what happened to Italy yet I still cried XD

Italy, Germany, Prussia and Japan belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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