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December 11, 2012
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You and Ludwig walked into the station together. You both had solved another case and as usual everyone was talking about it. You went to turn in the report to your boss. Nobody knew this, but you were Psychic, with the ability to read minds. It made things easier, that's for sure. After turning the report in, you headed back to where Ludwig and a few other officers were talking.

"So what are we talking about?" You asked as you stood beside Ludwig.

"Hey ___, I have a question for you," one your colleagues said to you. You looked at him and smiled.


"What do you think of good old Ludwig here?" he asked as he placed a hand on his shoulder. You immediately felt nervous.

"Ah... he's... he's a good friend," you said, struggling to keep eye contact with him. You liked Ludwig but you didn't know if he liked you back. You refused to read his mind, trying to respect his privacy.

"You hear that Ludwig?"

"Yea, yea," he said, sighing. You looked at him and smiled.

"So what are we gonna do now?" you asked.

"I say celebrate!"

"Yea that's a good idea! Will it have beer?" Ludwig asked.

"All the beer you want!" another one of your colleagues said. You just rolled your eyes and laughed.

"I say we go to Ludwig's house for the party!"

"What no-"

"Party at Ludwig's house!"

"I agree," you piped in. Ludwig just sighed in frustration.

"Whatever... Just don't break anything."

"Loosen up a bit Ludwig," you said and  he gave you a small smile. You felt yourself blush. Why did he have to have such a cute smile? Soon, you all left and went to Ludwig's house. When you got there, you all went in.

"Is there an awesome party I'm smelling?" Gilbert asked making Ludwig sigh.

"Yes it's a party..."

"Hell yea, I better get out the booze!" Gilbert exclaimed happily.

"Hi Gilbert."

"Look who's here! Bruder, you better keep an eye out for her or I'm going to steal her," Gilbert teased.

"Gilbert!" Ludwig growled. Gilbert laughed and walked away. A few moments later he walked back in with a beer in his hand.

"Hey bruder! You should make us some snacks."

"Why me?!"

"I could do it if you want me too," You said as you stood up. Ludwig looked up at you.

"But... It's wrong to make a guest work"

"It's fine," you said as you walked into the kitchen. You got the ingredients you would need and began to make soft pretzels.

I've been trying to respect his privacy by not reading his mind... But... I really want to know if he likes me...

You sighed as you continued to make the food. When it was finally done, you smiled in satisfaction.

"Food's done!" you called out.

"Oh great. You can bring it in here," Ludwig said. You picked to plate up and brought it over.

"Smells good Frau!"

"Nicely done," Ludwig said as he smiled at you. You smiled back and set the plate down on the coffee table. Ludwig leaned forward and grabbed a couple of pretzels. You watched as he ate one.

"This is really good," Ludwig said and Gilbert chuckled before grabbing a few himself.

"I'm glad you like it," you said, smiling happily.

"Did your mother teach you how to cook?"


"She taught you well," he said, smiling. You sat beside him and sighed. How much longer could you take this before you finally decided to read his mind? You looked at him.

"Do you think everyone has that one special person for them?" You asked, kind of curious about what he thought of the situation.

"Of course," he said with a small smile. You smiled as well.

"I think so too. It just seems like everyone has a hard time finding them though."

"Or have hard time confessing."

"Yea, that too."

"I guess it's really hard for some people," Ludwig sighed and you nodded.

"Do you have that problem?"

"Yea... I get really bashful."

"That's cute," you said and Ludwig sighed.

"No it's not," he said as he looked away.

"Yea it is."

"Do you not get shy around the one you like?" he asked.

"I use to... But I'm comfortable around him now," you replied. You looked up at him and he looked nervous.

"Oh god..."

"What?" you asked as Ludwig looked back at you.

"_____ will you go out with me?" Ludwig asked, making Gilbert spit out his beer.

"Finally!" he said and you just smiled.

"Yes, I will," you said as you hugged him. He hugged you back and then Gilbert joined in on the hug.

"Don't forget about me now! If you two get married then I will be part of the family too!" Gilbert exclaimed but Ludwig just pushed him away. He let go and grabbed your hand.

"I'm so happy."

"Me too," you said as you gently squeezed his hand.

"Maybe this party wasn't so bad," he said as he leaned in. He kissed you and you happily kissed back.
Request from :iconmusic7887:

This took me longer than it should have. I'm very sorry about that.

Germany & Prussia belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
You belong to :iconsexygermanyplz:
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