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The next morning when Lovino went downstairs, he saw all three of them sprawled out on the floor. He narrowed his eyes and walked into the kitchen. He got a pot and a ladle and started to bang the ladle on the pot.

"Wake up bastardos!" He heard all three of them groan. He kept banging the ladle on the pot. "I mean it! Get up!"

"Fine fine, just stop with the banging," Gilbert groaned as he sat up. He held his head. "I have a headache..."

"Me too," Francis whined. Lovino glared at them.

"That's your faults for getting drunk last night!" he crossed his arms and his ears flattened against his head.

"Antonio, get up and cook I'm hungry," Lovino said as he walked over to where Antonio was still laying down. Antonio looked up at him and smiled while Lovino glared at him. He sighed.

"Lovino, why don't you cook? My head hurts," Antonio said. Lovino growled.

"I don't know how to cook, idiota!"

"What a shame," Antonio said as he reached up. He grabbed Lovino's wrist and pulled him down. He wrapped his arms around him and Lovino blushed.

"Let go of me," Lovino said as he squirmed. Antonio just held him tighter.

"Let's just lay here for a while Lovino," Antonio kissed Lovino's forehead. Francis and Gilbert whistled and Lovino growled.

"Let me go!"

Antonio chuckled and let go. He got up slowly and held his head.

"I hope we have some aspirin," he commented as he headed into the kitchen. Francis and Gilbert followed him, but Lovino stayed where he was. He was breathing roughly.

"Lovino? Are you coming?" he heard Antonio call from the kitchen.

"Si..." Lovino said as he got up and headed into the kitchen.


Lovino watched Antonio as he slept. It was midnight right now. Lovino sighed and got up. He went downstairs and walked into the backyard. He felt too hot. He knew it was because of Spring, but why was it stronger this year? He didn't understand. He felt arms wrap around him and he jumped.

"Lovino, are you okay?" Antonio asked as he held him close. Lovino nodded. He tried not to squirm.

Antonio's scent... It was so strong, so sweet. He always felt funny when he smelled it.

Antonio turned Lovino to face him. Lovino looked up at him and Antonio blushed at the cute expression on his face. Antonio leaned over and kissed him...

And Lovino kissed back.
Okay next chapter will be longer I hope

Spain, Romano, Prussia & France belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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