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Lovino was standing on the porch, his ears high and alert. Antonio was at work, so he was home alone. He felt very worried, the weather patterns were strange. It was hot and humid with hot winds blowing. Other animals were sensing it too. Usually there were birds chirping, but today none could be heard. He needed to visit Feliciano, to see if he had noticed the strange patterns.

Something big was coming, Lovino just didn't know what it was yet.


Lovino woke up to green eyes. He sat up and growled before he realized it was Antonio. Antonio laughed and patted his head.

"Sorry Lovino. I didn't mean to scare you," he said and Lovino shook his head.

"It's fine. Is it okay if we go see Feliciano? I need to ask him something."


Lovino held onto Antonio's hand tightly as they walked. His ears stood alert. Still no signs of any birds. Lovino looked up in the trees and saw an abandoned birds nest. How odd... It was to early for birds to start migrating.

"Are you okay Lovino?" Lovino's ears twitched and he looked at Antonio. He could tell Antonio was worried.

"I'm fine. I just really need to talk to Feliciano."


When they got there, Antonio knocked on the door. Ludwig answered the door and smiled.

"Hallo Antonio, Lovino. Are you here to see Feliciano?" he asked and they both nodded. He let them in and led them to the backyard. When Feliciano saw Lovino he got up and hugged him.

"Fratello!" he cried happily and Lovino stiffened slightly.

"G-Get off," he said as he looked at Feliciano worriedly. "I need to talk to you about something."


"Privately," Lovino growled and Feliciano let go. He gave him a serious look, which was quite surprising. He grabbed Lovino's hand and smiled at Ludwig apologetically.

"We need to talk privately, I hope that's okay?" he asked innocently and Ludwig nodded. He then led him to the tree in the backyard and sat beneath it. Lovino sat beside him. Feliciano looked at him and sighed.

"I'm guessing this is about the weather patterns?"

"So you've noticed?" Lovino asked, quite surprised his spacey brother had noticed. Feliciano nodded.

"Si. I sit outside everyday when I wait for Ludwig and Gilbert to get home. Even the birds have fled. Do you know what's happening?" Feliciano asked as he looked at Lovino worriedly.

"I wish I knew. I never seen the weather do this before," Lovino said. Not long after that, thunder sounded loudly, making the ground shake. Feliciano yelped as he jumped up.

"Whoa! That's never happened either!" he cried as he looked at Lovino with a scared expression. Lovino stood up and it suddenly started to rain very heavily. They ran into the house.

"Brr! The rain came from no where!" Feliciano cried as he shivered. Lovino just sighed. He knew for sure rain wasn't the only thing to come. Ludwig brought them towels and looked at Antonio.

"Stay here until the rain lets up. It's pretty bad at the moment."

"Okay. Is Gilbert going to be okay? He's-"

"Verdammt! I'm home! Ludwig bring me a towel," Gilbert called and Ludwig left the kitchen. Lovino looked at Antonio.

"This is the reason we came over. I wanted to see if Feliciano had noticed the weather," Lovino said as he looked at his feet. Antonio rubbed his head.

"Don't feel bad Lovino."

"I don't feel bad you stupid bastard!" Lovino huffed as he followed his brother into the living room. Antonio smiled and followed as well. Ludwig and Gilbert walked in and Gilbert looked at Antonio.

"Hey Antonio! Seems you're stranded here for a while!"

"Haha yea," Antonio said as he looked out the window. He frowned.

"The weather is worse than before. There might be-" he was cut off as the power cut off. Antonio sighed.

"Never mind."

Lovino heard Feliciano whimper. He looked over at Feliciano and could see he was crying.

"Am I the only one creeped out that our feline friend's eyes are glowing?" Gilbert said and Lovino growled.

"Shut up, at least we can see in the dark!" he said as he sat in a chair. Antonio walked over and sat beside him. Lovino looked at Feliciano as he just stood there with tears in his eyes. He let out a choked sob.

"Feliciano are you crying?" Ludwig asked.


"Come here."

Lovino watched as he walked over and crawled in Ludwig's lap. When he saw how Ludwig cradled his younger brother, he couldn't help but smile.

At least that bastard cares for him, he thought as he look toward the window. A flash of lightning lit the sky and suddenly the wind picked up, making a howling noise. This was going to be a long night.
I have got to stop being lazy >.>

Spain, Romano, Italy, Germany, & Prussia belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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