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Lovino had been scouting the area for a few weeks now. He knew exactly where his brother was. Now, he wanted Antonio to take him there. He wanted to make sure the people Feliciano were living with weren't bad people. He didn't want to go alone, just in case they were bad people. And if they were, then Antonio could help get his brother out of there.

So there they were, walking down the street, Lovino leading the way. Antonio just smiled at him. He cared so much for his brother, it was so cute. They stopped in front of Antonio's friend's house. Antonio looked at Lovino curiously.

"He's here?"

"Si. Now knock on the damn door!" Antonio just laughed and knocked on the door. He heard footsteps approach and Gilbert opened the door.

"Hallo Antonio. How are-" he stopped short when he noticed Lovino standing there. Lovino growled when he noticed Gilbert was staring at his ears.

"Don't stare bastardo!"

"May we come in?" Antonio asked. Gilbert nodded and let them in. He closed the door and walked to the living room. Lovino glared at Antonio.

"You know him?"

"Yea. He's a good friend of mine."

"What?" Antonio heard Ludwig say from the living room.

"It's Antonio."


"And he's not alone," Gilbert said as Antonio walked in with Lovino. Lovino's eyes locked onto Feliciano as soon as he saw him. Of course, his brother would be sleeping. He ran over and kneeled down. He poked his forehead.

"Wake up idiota!" he shouted at him. Feliciano opened his eyes slowly, looking at Lovino.

"Lovino!" Feliciano cried as he tackled Lovino. He hugged Lovino tightly, while Lovino tried to push him off.

"H-Hey let go of me!" He shouted at his younger brother, still trying to get him off. Feliciano had the death hold on him. Antonio just watched with an amused smile.

"Antonio, how long have you had him?" Antonio looked at Ludwig.

"Few weeks. If I knew his brother was here, I would have brought Lovino over sooner," he replied. Gilbert sighed.

"So this is why you wouldn't let us see your cat?" Gilbert asked.

"Si. I didn't want you two bothering him. He has quite a temper," Antonio said as he looked at Gilbert.

"No I don't!" Lovino growled and Antonio smiled.

"See what I mean?"

"Lovino! I'm so happy! I saw you a few weeks ago with him but we didn't come talk to you," Feliciano said in his usual cheerful voice. Lovino glared at him and hit him over the head. How stupid his brother could be sometimes!

"Ow! What was that for fratello!?" he asked as he held his head.

"Bastardo! You should have came and talked to me! I was worried about you!" Lovino said, his tail twitching in annoyance. Feliciano tilted his head.

"You were actually worried? That makes me so happy to hear," Feliciano said as he hugged Lovino once again. Lovino stiffened up and once again tried to push his brother off.

"Ugh, Feliciano, let go!" Lovino whined as Antonio laughed.

"Wow! They are very entertaining when they are together!"

"I guess so," Ludwig said. Lovino instantly turned his attention to him. He pushed Feliciano off him and crawled over to Ludwig and studied him intently. Ludwig just stared back at him. Lovino instantly decided to dislike him.

"I don't like you," Lovino said as he looked away. Antonio gave Lovino a stern look.

"Lovino! Don't say you don't like him. You don't even know him," Antonio scolded him, making Lovino glare at him.

"Shut up bastardo! I can decide to dislike whoever I want!" Lovino growled as he crossed his arms.

"Don't be so mean, fratello! Ludwig is a nice guy!"

"Sure he is. I bet he's mean and he just hasn't shown it yet!"

"Actually, your brother is right Lovino. Ludwig is very nice," Antonio said as he walked over and sat beside Gilbert. Gilbert looked at him and grinned.

"We should get Francis over here."

"No we shouldn't. You saw what he did to Feliciano. I don't think Lovino would react any better," Ludwig cut in. Lovino growled.

"Shut up bastard! You don't know me, don't act like you do!" Lovino shouted. Ludwig looked at him.

"It's the way you act that makes me say that."


Antonio looked at Lovino. Lovino had been quiet since they got home. He reached up and rubbed Lovino's head. Lovino growled and pushed his hand away.

"Stop. I don't like to be petted," Lovino said. Antonio could tell he was lying.

"Lovino, you're so cute. I know you like it no need to lie," he said as hugged Lovino tightly. Lovino tried to push him off.

"Antonio, get off of me!"

"No way Lovino!"

"I mean it! Get off!"

Lovino didn't mean it though. He was actually very happy. He kind of enjoyed all the attention he got from Antonio. He was happy when Antonio called him cute.

Lovino didn't know why he enjoyed Antonio's attention so much...

And deep inside, it scared him to find out...
I am so sorry it took me a few days to work on this. I will try to work on this story a little faster. People seemed to like A Chance For Neko more, so I wanted to work on it more than this story.

Romano, Spain, Germany, Italy, Prussia, & France belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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