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Two months have passed since they rescued Feliciano. Lovino was recalling when Feliciano had a fit when Antonio petted him when Antonio walked to the front door. Lovino looked at him.

"Where are you going?" Lovino asked as he crawled to the end of the couch. Antonio looked at him and smiled.

"I'm going to hang out with Gilbert and Francis. Want to come?" he asked, watching the neko stand and walk toward him. Antonio grabbed his hand and walked out the house. Lovino blushed but he didn't pull his hand away.


After about three hours with the Bad Touch Trio, Lovino wanted to strangle all three of them. They all flirted with the women they saw. Lovino was quite jealous when Antonio flirted, but he would never admit to that. When he and Antonio got home, he was still upset.

"Aw Lovino don't be mad!"

"I'm not mad!"

"Yes you are Lovino. Here, take the tomato," he said, holding out a random tomato.

"Where the hell did that come from?" Lovino asked as he eyed the tomato suspiciously. Antonio just smiled and grabbed his hand. He set the tomato in his hand and walked toward the kitchen. Lovino followed and took a bite of the tomato.

"Winter is coming soon," Antonio said as he began to prepare for dinner. Lovino sat down and watched him.

"Si, it is," Lovino said. Antonio smiled at him.

"Do you get sick easily? If so, I'll buy some medicine we might need."

"No, I don't."


After dinner, Antonio and Lovino were washing dishes. Antonio looked at him, noticing Lovino looked a bit upset.

"Are you okay? You look sad."

"I'm fine!" Lovino suddenly snapped. Antonio chuckled. It got quiet, when suddenly Lovino jerked his hand out the sink, getting water on the floor. Antonio looked at him and noticed his hand was bleeding. He gave Lovino a rag.

"Hold that to your cut while I go find some bandages," Antonio said as he ran to the bathroom. He came back when he got them and walked over to Lovino. Lovino reached for the bandages but Antonio grabbed his hand and began to wrap it.

"Bastardo, I can do it myself!"

"I know you can, but I'm doing it for you," Antonio replied. He tied the bandage and let go of his hand.

"There. I'll finish up, okay?"

"Ah... O-Okay," Lovino said as he walked out the kitchen. Antonio sighed and continued washing dishes. Lovino has been a bit odd lately. He blushed more often when Antonio talked to him. It was starting to bother Antonio, he was worried something was wrong with him.

Meanwhile, Lovino was sitting on the couch, crying quietly.

Dammit... What is this feeling...?


Winter passed and Spring came. Lovino had been dreading Spring. Last Spring had drove him crazy and he knew it was going to happen again this year. He didn't realize that it was going to be twice as hard this year since he lived with Antonio...
This chapter makes me want to cry cause it sucks. School has eaten my writing skills. I'm so sorry :iconcryforeverplz:

Romano, Spain, Italy, France & Prussia belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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