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Lovino was sitting on the porch, drinking lemonade with Antonio. It was a pretty day outside and it was warm. Lovino was sitting in the sunlight, basking in it like normal cats do. He was sitting a few feet away from Antonio. He got a weird feeling if he sat to close to Antonio. He took a sip of his lemonade and set his glass down.

"Hey Antonio!" Lovino heard Francis and he froze. He looked at Antonio, pleading with his eyes to tell him to go away. He didn't want that pervert to see him like this. Antonio just smiled apologetically.

"Hey Francis, hey Gilbert," Antonio said as he stood up. Lovino cursed under his breath. The potato bastard's brother was here as well.

"Lovi! How are you today? You look so cute!" Francis said as he pulled Lovino into a hug.

"Get off of me!" Lovino growled, trying to push Francis away. But Francis held on tightly.

"Antonio, let me take him home! He's just so adorable!"

"He would kill you Francis. He's a handful."

"I am not," Lovino said as he finally pushed Francis off. He ran over to Antonio and hid behind him, growling at Francis. It was a bad choice. He tensed up and let out a small squeak when he got a whiff of Antonio's scent. He backed away and covered his face, knowing it was as red as a tomato.

"Lovino? Are you okay?" Antonio asked.

"I'm fine!" Lovino yelled as he turned away. Francis chuckled.

"It's Spring Antonio! That's why he's like this."

"Shut up!" Lovino snapped as he whipped around to glare at Francis. Francis walked over to him and, before Lovino could react, he grabbed his tail. Lovino clung onto his arm and whimpered. Francis and Gilbert laughed.

"You turned him on Francis!" Gilbert laughed. Lovino blushed and punched Francis. They all looked at him in surprise.

"Ah... Lovino?"

"Don't you dare touch my tail again bastardo!" Lovino yelled as he ran into the house. He felt tears well up as he ran to the bedroom. He closed the door and slide down the door to the floor. He couldn't stop the tears from falling out.

"Fucking bastard..." Lovino sobbed. He had been crying for about three minutes before he heard Antonio on the other side of the door.

"Lovino? Are you okay? I made them leave."

"Go away!" Lovino yelled weakly as another sob escaped his lips. He heard Antonio sigh.

"Lovino, please open the door."

Lovino sat there for a few moments before he got up and opened the door. The second he did, strong arms wrapped around him. Lovino buried his face into his chest as he clung to Antonio.

"I'm sorry Lovino. I didn't know they would be that insensitive," Antonio whispered as he held him. Lovino looked up at him and Antonio wiped his tears away. Lovino smiled at him and Antonio couldn't help himself. He kissed him. Lovino eyes widened but he didn't push him away. He closed his eyes and kissed back.
The next chapter will be longer, I swear it will :stare:

Spain, Romano, France & Prussia Hidekazu Himaruya
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