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A few days had passed. He hadn't had any dreams recently, so he didn't see his "Dark" side. He decided to let it go, it was just a weird dream after all. He walked to Austria's house, with thoughts of Holy Rome going through his mind.

It had been a few hours since he had arrived. Hungary and Austria were sitting opposite of him. They were all silent, Hungary and Austria staring at Italy's sad face. Hungary looked at Austria and he sighed. He cleared his throat.

"You need to forget Holy Rome."

Italy looked up at Austria is surprise. He hadn't expected him to say that. They hadn't even been talking about Holy Rome. It seemed Austria noticed the question on his face.

"You always get this sad expression on your face when you think of him. It's easy to tell. But you should really forget about him, he's not coming back," Austria said harshly. Italy just stared at him for a long while. Hungary looked at Austria sternly but she knew there was no use denying it.

"I... I know he's not... But I can't let him go..." Italy said sadly, "You tell me to forget about him like it's easy... But it isn't."

Hungary looked at him sadly, "We know it isn't easy, Italy. But you can't let it bother you forever."

"She's right. Take you time to get over it, but don't make it harder on yourself mourning over him," Austria said as he stood up. "It's getting late. You better head home."

"Si," Italy said as he stood up. They walked to the door together. Italy looked at them and they were startled when his eyes flashed red for a brief second.

"Bye," he said as he smiled and walked away. He stared at the ground as he walked. Did he really believe Holy Rome was gone? He didn't know that for sure. Part of him still wanted to believe Holy Rome was coming back, that he had just lost his way.

He walked in the house and was greeted by a hug.

"Italy! Kesesese~"

"Ciao Prussia," he said, hugging back. Prussia let go and ruffled his hair.

"Why are you here?" Italy asked, smiling at him. Prussia smiled back.

"I was just visiting. I was about to leave actually," Prussia said, glancing back at the kitchen. He grabbed Italy's wrist and pulled him outside. Italy gave him a confused look.

"Is something wrong?" he asked, and Prussia just looked at him.

"West wanted me to talk to you. He said you been looking sad lately. Care to tell me why?" he asked and Italy looked away.

"It's just about someone I used to know. It's no big deal."

"It's Holy Rome isn't it?"

Italy's eyes widened. How did Prussia know about Holy Rome? How did Prussia know Italy had a connection to Holy Rome? He looked at Prussia with wide, fearful eyes.

"H-How do you know about Holy Rome?"

Prussia looked away. Without a word, he walked away. Italy felt anger boil up inside him.

"Prussia! Tell me how you know about him!" he screamed, but Prussia didn't turn back. Italy growled and walked back in the house. He took a few breaths to calm down before walking into the kitchen. Germany looked over and smiled at him.

"Hey Italy. Did you have a good time at Austria's house?"

"Hm? S-Si, I sure did," Italy said as he faked a smile.

"Good. Just wait a bit longer dinner is almost done."

"Okay," Italy said as he sat down. He tried to think of reasons as to why Prussia knew Holy Rome. Sure, he went to war with Austria quite a few times, but that didn't explain how he knew him. It also didn't explain how he knew Italy had known him either. Was Prussia hiding something?

He pushed the thoughts away when Germany set the food on the table. They both ate in silence. He looked up at Germany and saw that he was staring at him. Italy tilted his head.

"Something wrong, Germany?"

"Ah... No. I was just wondering if you were alright."

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because you've been acting weird lately. You seem sad about something," Germany said as he looked away. Italy bit his lip. He didn't realize he was that obvious. He smiled at Germany apologetically.

"I'm fine. I'm going to go take a shower," Italy said as he got up and went to the bathroom. He didn't want to talk about this anymore.

After his shower, he just stared into the mirror, taking in his wet hair, sad eyes and clothed body. He was trying to pass time, he wasn't ready to face Germany yet. Suddenly, his eyes turned red, startling him. He blinked a few times, and his eyes went back to their amber color. He rushed out of the bathroom.


"Don't leave me! No!" Italy looked behind him, hearing his younger self asking Holy Rome to stay. He didn't need to see this to know what happened next. This was the very thought that haunted him most of all. Holy Rome waved at him, but then the dream cracked. Italy screamed as shattering was heard all around him, the dream falling apart.

"My dear Italy. Why torture yourself with these thoughts and dreams?"

He looked up at Feliciano, seeing the grin on his lips. Feliciano kneeled down and cupped Italy's cheeks.

"I don't like seeing you so sad. You want to find Holy Rome, si?"

"Ah... S-Si," he replied, unsure. Feliciano's eyes darkened along with his grin. He kissed Italy, softly at first, then a bit rougher. Italy pushed him away and Feliciano just laughed.

"Let me have control. If you do, I will find Holy Rome for you."

"I... No, I'm not giving you control."

"You will in due time, my dear."

They sat in silence for a while. Italy looked over at Feliciano.

"Does everybody have a Dark side?" he asked and Feliciano looked over at him.

"Some do. But it's dark desires that are kept carefully under lock and chain. But you helped me escape."

"I-I did?" Italy asked, confused. Feliciano nodded.

"Your heart faltered when Romano told you to forget about Holy Rome. During that fleeting moment, I was able to break free. I feel like I need to help you for helping me escape," Feliciano said as he took Italy's wrist and pinning him down. Italy looked up at him fearfully.

"My offer still stands. Whenever you want to find Holy Rome, just let me take over. I'll be sure to find him for you," he said, kissing Italy once again.

Italy didn't understand what was going on. He kissed back involuntarily. He closed his eyes, opening his mouth when Feliciano licked his bottom lip. Feliciano slipped his tongue into Italy's mouth, their tongues fighting for dominance. Feliciano pulled away, smiling down at the flustered boy beneath him.

"Ti amo," he said as he let go, letting Italy fall into the darkness.

Italy sat up quickly, breathing heavy. He looked over at Germany, who was still sleeping peacefully. He sighed and laid back down. He stared at the ceiling and ran his hand over his lips. He could still feel Feliciano's lips on his. He closed his eyes and fell back into a restless sleep.
WOOO CHAPTER 2! :iconchuuplz:

Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Prussia & Romano belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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RosaPretty Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
selfcest wins .... well apart from readerXitaly
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Sorry what I meant to say was my favourite pairings are ReaderxItaly where the reader falls in love Italy. my second favourite is selfcest because I can't have Italy then I'm fine for him falling in love with himself. And Twinscest because I'd rather that then him going out with another country. And last but not least if italy is girl then I don't care mind that she goes out with germany. NyotaliaItalyXGermany)

I hope that cleared things up. *sweatdrop*
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