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December 10, 2012
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Italy just stared at him in disbelief. That couldn't be true... There was no way that was true!

"D-Don't lie to me!"

"I'm not. Holy Rome is truly gone."

"No... No, he can't be gone... He can't be gone..." Italy said as tears began to fall from his eyes.

"I know who killed him as well. Would you like to know?" Feliciano asked and Italy nodded slowly.

"Germany. Germany was the one who killed him."

Italy's eyes widened as he began to scream, a scream so loud that the dream realm shook. Feliciano just grinned like a madman. He hugged Italy as he kept screaming.

"Shh, my dear. It's going to be alright... I'm here for you," Feliciano said as Italy's screams subsided. He looked at Italy and noticed the dull eyes. Feliciano smiled, Italy has given up. He unchained him, confident that he could keep control since Italy has given up. He sat down and cradled him in his arms. Italy's only response was wrapping his arms around Feliciano.

"Don't worry. I will get revenge for you. Would you like that?" he asked and Italy nodded.

"Why would Germany do that?" Italy asked as he looked up at him. He just smiled sadly.

"I'm not sure... You can never tell how crazy people are."

"Si... Ti amo, Feliciano..."

"Ti amo."


The next day Feliciano was sitting in the living room, writing in a journal. He was trying to come up with a method to kill Germany with. As he was jotting ideas down, Prussia came in and sat beside him. Feliciano glared at him before scooting away.

"Why hasn't Italy taken back over? You completed what you needed to do."

"Si, I did. But he doesn't want control back," Feliciano said, not glancing up from the journal. He felt Prussia shift a bit.

"What do you mean he doesn't want control back?"

"Exactly as I said it," Feliciano said as he looked at Prussia. "He doesn't want control. If he wanted it, he could have taken it back already."

"Why doesn't he want control?" Prussia asked, getting irritated with Feliciano.

"Now if I told you that, it would ruin everything. Let's just say he's very depressed. Or more so, he's given up," Feliciano said as he stood up. "Now if you excuse me."

Prussia stood up and grabbed his neck before Feliciano could walk away. Feliciano glared at him when Prussia squeezed his throat.

"You fucking bastard! What have you done to Italy!"

"I haven't done anything! But if you insist on killing me, then go ahead! That is, if you don't mind killing Italy as well!" Feliciano snarled and Prussia growled. He let go of his neck and Feliciano just huffed.

"You best be careful around me Prussia! At any moment I could decide to kill myself and take Italy with me!" he said as he turned on his heel and walked out. They seem to forget he's part of Italy. He walked into the bedroom he was staying in and walked to the bed. He was about to sit down when he was hugged from behind. He looked over his shoulder and saw it was Germany. He swung out at him, landing a swift blow on Germany's cheek. He let go and backed away, clearly surprised.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Feliciano growled. Germany just stared at him.

"Italy I know you're in there! Please come back out. Don't let Feliciano trick you!" Germany said as he grabbed Feliciano by the shoulders. Feliciano smacked him before pushing him away.

"Go away! Italy wants nothing to do with you!" he spat. Germany just glared at him.

"Probably because you're feeding him lies! Why don't you just give him control and go back to where ever you came from."

"I'm afraid that is a no," Feliciano said. He was about to turn away but Germany grabbed him by his arms roughly. Feliciano winced before glaring at him. Germany just stared at his eyes before leaning forward.

"Please, give Italy back to me," he said as he kissed him. Feliciano's eyes widened. He tried to pull away but Germany had a tight hold on him. When he finally pulled away for a breath, he was greeted by dull amber eyes. He stared at him for a few moments.


"Germany..." he said before his eyes changed back to red. He growled and pushed him off.

"Fuck this! I'm out of here! I'm going to live with Romano!" Feliciano said as he stormed out of the room. Germany rushed after him.

"Italy stop!"

"I'm not Italy, idiot!"

"I said stop," he said as he grabbed Feliciano's wrist. Feliciano whipped around and punched him in the jaw. Germany let go as he held his jaw. He stared at Feliciano in astonishment.

"Italy..." he murmured, making Feliciano sigh in frustration.

"For the last time, I am not Italy. You're never getting him back, I refuse to let you have him," Feliciano said as he walked out the house.
I was going to take a break from writing because I've been depressed lately, but the object of my depression made me mad, so this came from that. I like how this chapter turned out.

Germany, Italy, Prussia & Romano belong to Hidekazu Himaruya
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